Canadian legal clinic intends to increase delivery if legal services to deaf and linguistic communities

March 5, 2011 at 8:11 pm 1 comment

Michele Leering, with whom I had the honour to collaborate on an access to justice project in Ukraine, will present soon a study entitled “Paths to Justice: Navigating with the wondering lost”. The report is result of a project led by the the Community Advocacy and Legal Clinic and aimed to the special needs of the deaf people and those who do not speak English and French. Following the findings of the report CALC will attempt to take innovative measures such as:

  • using American sign language (ASL) videos to deliver legal information on internet;
  • involvement of ASL interpreters;
  • organization of legal awareness workshops.

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Strengthening access to justice in Zambia Report of the British Columbia Public Commission on Legal Aid in British Columbia

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  • 1. Richy Jukes  |  March 17, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES have been Nightmares:
    Trying to get and use ONTARIO Legal since 1994 to resolve Family Issues and CONFLICS: with FRO, whom are very Bias, and noway impartial to the Father side it seems, they have made a huge misstake by calling it the “Family Responsibility office” it seems it is the oposit to that by me and so many others i hear from, They have abused, victimiezed, wrecked more Families, and peoples lives thru thier Bias Actions then i can count. I was forced to retained a legal aid lawyer whom pretended to be helping me resolve my legal matters, just kept adjouning,for over 18 months, charged over 23 hrs for a opinion letter, that i never even got or seen, then legal aid told him NOT to continue , I then got a second opinion letter, the lawyer stated thier was in deed good merit to proceed with a claim …but Legal Aid told them Not to proceed, and to for get it
    ONTARIO LEGAL AID is a very UnJust , Unfair, UnImpartial operation, I was fired from very good jobs in 1999 because i was repetedly being forced to attend Newmarket Courts that were repetedly NOT ready to proceed with the matters, FRO lawyers Mr R. Snell kept forgetting to bring his files to court, I asked for my cost each time(lost wages$200.00) Judge Walmer said NO, because I was NOT a lawyer, this repeted..
    then my Legal aid lawyers did nothing about all these actions.
    I lost my job , It was then returnable before the Rule 39 clerk, but the courts just kept adjourning me, for 6 months then against my wishes transfered the cases a way out to Oshawa Courts, then they purposely lost the files, so I could not resolve it, this has been ongoing since 1999, & Via; FRO &legal-aid.=?


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