Courts, competition and innovation – inaugural lecture by prof. Maurits Barendrecht

September 26, 2011 at 10:26 pm 4 comments

‘The traditional learning processes in court systems depend on appeals and review by the highest courts. These processes may take months or years, and at the time the lower court hears the decision of the higher court the case has been forgotten. A narrower and faster feed-back loop is of the essence.’

On 27th of September 2011 in The Hague Professor Maurits Barendrecht will discuss the unexpected ways in which courts face competition from other third parties. He will present research that suggests ways in which courts can innovate in order to retain their position and serve their constituents in a better way. Key issues in his work are evidence based conflict resolution and measurement of justice. He also has a keen eye for the effects of the ‘business models’ of lawyers, courts and other organisations active in the justice sector. The event is an inaugural lecture by professor Maurits Barendrecht as Hague Visiting Professor on the Rule of Law.

Read more about the event here


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