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  • 1. RAPHAEL HAPPY  |  December 19, 2010 at 3:41 am

    I need assistance for justice against a publisher which I feel abuse me to get money .

  • 2. Kevin Corstophine etc. al  |  March 10, 2012 at 2:32 am

    Watch my YouTube, J.D. & MSEE – Please help: What About the Evidence? S20549 http://www.youtube.com/user/cherylkelmar/videos?view=pl. We need a SuperPac to educate importance of courts.
    Kevin Corstophine of Alamo, California committed fraud, and I was denied ONE DAY in court; and then I was punished for trying to get one day in court. On 1/11/2012, Judge Donna Geck of Santa Barbara (i) ignored 62 pages of evidence, which prove I met my legal objective in 7 of 9 cases in the past 7 years (most against banks); (ii) ignored 3 otamped and filed declarations and Request for Judicial Notice; (iii) mischaracterized the current case as NOT being from a default judgment; and (iv) mischaracterized my FDIC evidence proving IndyMac robo signed a declaration and unlawfully foreclosed on my Santa Cruz property. Judge Donna Geck deemed my fight against unlawful foreclosure, legal suit against CountryWide for predatory lending (which settled) and my fight against unlawful credit reporting by banks as frivolous. Judge Donna Geck worked for an insurance company before becoming a recent judge, and did this to me in order to support the opposing side (an insurance company). I have only had 1 law suit in the past two years, which I lost through a small claims default judgment, have a law degree (earned at the age of 48), have a masters degree in computer engineering from UCSB and raised my son on my own with little financial support. I am seeking media attention and legal support for my Petition to the CA Supreme Court. I also suggest a super pac to fight against unethical judges who care very little about individual liberty.
    You can contact me at ragstomiddleclass@hotmail.com (I accidentally state 1/11/11 on video). We need a SuperPac to educate importance of courts.


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